Students and theses

We welcome both graduate and undergraduate students to join the Software Engineering Research Laboratory to conduct research projects of mutual interest.

To current and prospective students:

So far, all of my graduate students have published at least one rigorously peer-reviewed, full research paper. Thus, I expect all future students to publish in order to qualify for graduation.

Undergraduate Researchers

The following undergraduate students are doing research projects with SERL:

  • Louis Racette, Honor Thesis, on visual exploration of multiple-dimensional data. Graduated.
  • Russell Seidel, Math and SE double majors, Honor Thesis, on improving API usability by recommending pertinent documentation within developer tools. Now pursuing PhD at Purdue.
  • Daniel Deloff, SE major, PLC programming
  • Houchao Gan, EE major
  • Adam E. Scott, SE major, Programming competition
  • Jamal Stoute, SE major
  • Sean McTigue, SE major
  • James Lamphere, SE major
  • Zachary I. Rauen, CE major
  • David Joseph, CE/CS major
  • Jared Heidt. CS major. Honors Thesis. Protecting Online Credit Card Transactions
  • Lee Taylor. SE major. Honors Thesis. Mouse Dynamics

Current Graduate Students (thesis topic)

  • Wen An, MS. Blockchain
  • Ashwaq Almatrafi, MS. Smart Housing Messaging System
  • Aratrika Ray, MS. Computer Vision
  • Yan Gao, Ph.D. candidate, CU Greenhouse/Digester Project (funded by NSF)
  • Jiaju Huang, Ph.D. candidate, Biometrics (NSF)
  • Alan Schay, Ph.D, CU Smart Housing Project (NYSERDA)
  • Michael Manno, Ph.D. Web Scraping
  • Blaine Ayotte, Ph.D., Nicklas-Ignite Research Fellow. Continuous authentication &  behavioral  Biometrics

Graduated (name, degree & year of graduation, first job, thesis title)

  1. Cheng (Jerry) Wang, MS, 2008. HP China. An Empirical Study of Function Overloading in C++
  2. Jingyan Zhang, ME, 2009. A Survey of Empirical Studies in Software Engineering
  3. Yuejiao (Gloria) Wang, MS, 2009. IT Consultant, NYC. Analyzing the Evolution of User-Visible Features in an Integrated Development Environment
  4. Ferosh Jacob, MS, 2009. PhD student, University of Alabama. CSeR – A Code Editor For Tracking & Visualizing Detailed Clone Differences
  5. David M. Pletcher, MS, 2010.  Frontier Science Technologies and Research Foundation, Amherst, NY. Design and evaluation of improved strategies for code completion
  6. Xiaojia (Joanna) Yao, MS, 2010. IT Consultant in NYC. How do APIs evolve? A study of AWT/Swing
  7. Lin Li, MS, 2010. China. Towards Understanding Programmers’ Information Needs in Using Frameworks and APIs
  8. Patricia Deshane, PhD, 2010. IT Consultant, Potsdam, NY. Managing the copy-and-paste programming practice
  9. Chandan Raj Rupakheti, MS, 2010. PhD student, Clarkson University. A path-based approach for analyzing object-equality in the Java programming language
  10. Chandan Raj Rupakheti, PhD, 2012. Assistant Professor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, IN, USA. A critic for API client code using symbolic execution
  11. Lingfeng Mo, MS, 2012. Application Engineer for Alstom Group. Categorizing API Newsgroup Discussions
  12. Yingying Zhang, MS, 2013. a company in NYC. Where Do People Stumble? Automatically Detecting API Features That Have Troubled Users
  13. Tiantian Zhao, MS, 2013. Facebook. Can Topic Modeling be used to Identify Hot Topics and Retrieve More Pertinent Online Help for API Usage Problems? A Case Study with Java Servlets.
  14. Naihao Wu, MS, 2014. Long Island NY. Linking Usage Tutorials and API Client Code.
  15. Chunyao Zou, MS, 2014. eBay. Knowledge Extraction using Topic Modeling: A Study on API Forum Discussions.
  16. Cory W. Schutz, MS, 2014. STR Corporation. A Calculation Engine for Time Series Data.

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