Frameworks and APIs

Daqing Hou, Lingfeng Mo. Content Categorization of API Forum Discussions. ICSM 2013. 10 pages. (36/163, or ~22%). pdf.

Yingying Zhang, Daqing Hou: Extracting Problematic API Features from Forum Discussions. ICPC 2013. 10 pages. (19/63, or ~30%) pdf.

Chandan R. Rupakheti, Daqing Hou: Evaluating Forum Discussions to Inform the Design of an API Critic. ICPC 2012. 10 pages. (21/51, or ~41% for full, 2 short/8) pdf.

Chandan R. Rupakheti, Daqing Hou: CriticAL: A Critic for APIs and Libraries. ICPC 2012. Tool Demonstration. 3 pages. pdf. (4/7, 57%) Winner of Best Tool Demo Award!

Daqing Hou and Xiaojia Yao: Exploring the Intent behind API Evolution: A Case Study. WCRE 2011. (27 full+23 short/104, 29%) pdf.

Daqing Hou and Lin Li: Obstacles in Using Frameworks and APIs: An Exploratory Study of Programmers’ Newsgroup Discussions. ICPC 2011. (18 full+8 short/76, 24%) pdf.

Chandan Raj Rupakheti, Daqing Hou: Satisfying Programmers’ Information Needs in API-based Programming. Student Research Symposium, ICPC 2011. 4 pages. pdf. (This paper describes an overview of Chandan’s ongoing PhD work. A more recent version can be found here.)

Daqing Hou: Investigating the effects of framework design knowledge in example-based framework learning. ICSM 2008: 37-46. (40/156, 26%) pdf.

Daqing Hou, Chandan Raj Rupakheti, H. James Hoover: Documenting and Evaluating Scattered Concerns for Framework Usability: A Case Study. APSEC 2008: 213-220. (66/221, 30%) pdf.

Daqing Hou, Kenny Wong, and H. James Hoover: What Can Programmer Questions Tell Us About Frameworks? IWPC 2005. (24/55) pdf.

Usability in Software Design

Daqing Hou, David M. Pletcher: An Evaluation of the Strategies of Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping API Methods for Code Completion. ICSM 2011. (36/127, 28%) pdf.

Daqing Hou, David M. Pletcher: Towards A Better Code Completion System by API Grouping, Filtering, and Popularity-Based Ranking. RSSE 2010. pdf.

David M. Pletcher, Daqing Hou: BCC: Enhancing code completion for better API usability. ICSM 2009: 393-394. Tool Demonstration. pdf.

Cheng Wang, Daqing Hou: An Empirical Study of Function Overloading in C++. SCAM 2008: 47-56. (23/61, 38%) pdf.

Software Evolution

Daqing Hou, Yuejiao Wang: An empirical analysis of the evolution of user-visible features in an integrated development environment. CASCON 2009: 122-135. (22/88, 25%) pdf.

Daqing Hou, Yuejiao Wang: Analyzing the evolution of user-visible features: A case study with Eclipse. ICSM 2009: 479-482. pdf.

Daqing Hou: Studying the evolution of the Eclipse Java editor. ETX 2007: 65-69. pdf.

Finding Bugs (tools and empirical studies)

Chandan R. Rupakheti, Daqing Hou: Finding Errors from Reverse-Engineered Equality Models using a Constraint Solver. ICSM 2012. 10 pp. (46/181, or 25% acceptance) pdf.

Chandan Raj Rupakheti, Daqing Hou: EQ: Checking the Implementation of Equality in Java. ICSM 2011. Tool Demonstration. 4 pp. (6/9) pdf.

Chandan Raj Rupakheti, Daqing Hou: An Abstraction-Oriented, Path-Based Approach for Analyzing Object Equality in Java. WCRE 2010: 205-214. (21 full+10 short/67, 31%) pdf.

Chandan Raj Rupakheti, Daqing Hou: An empirical study of the design and implementation of object equality in Java. CASCON 2008. (23/73, 32%) pdf.


Patricia Jablonski, Daqing Hou: Aiding Software Maintenance with Copy-and-Paste Clone-Awareness. ICPC 2010: 170-179. (15 full+12 short/76, 20%) pdf.

Patricia Jablonski, Daqing Hou: Renaming Parts of Identifiers Consistently within Code Clones. ICPC 2010: 38-39. Tool Demonstration. pdf.

Ferosh Jacob, Daqing Hou, and Patricia Jablonski. Actively comparing clones inside the code editor. In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Software Clones (IWSC 2010). ACM. pdf.

Daqing Hou, Ferosh Jacob, Patricia Jablonski: Exploring the design space of proactive tool support for copy-and-paste programming. CASCON 2009: 188-202. (22/88, 25%) pdf.

Daqing Hou, Patricia Jablonski, Ferosh Jacob: CnP: Towards an environment for the proactive management of copy-and-paste programming. ICPC 2009: 238-242. pdf.

Daqing Hou, Ferosh Jacob, Patricia Jablonski: Proactively managing copy-and-paste induced code clones. ICSM 2009: 391-392. Tool Demonstration. pdf.

Patricia Jablonski, Daqing Hou: CReN: A tool for tracking copy-and-paste code clones and renaming identifiers consistently in the IDE. ETX 2007: 16-20. pdf.

PhD Work

Daqing Hou, H. James Hoover: Using SCL to Specify and Check Design Intent in Source Code. IEEE Trans. Software Eng. 32(6): 404-423 (2006). pdf.

Daqing Hou: Using Structural Constraints to Specify and Check Design Intent in Source Code – Ph.D. Dissertation Synopsis. ICSM 2006: 343-346. pdf.

Daqing Hou: SCL: Static Enforcement and Exploration of Developer Intent in Source Code. ICSE Companion 2007: 57-58. Tool Demonstration. (12 formal+16 informal/56) pdf.


Daqing Hou, H. James Hoover: Source-Level Linkage: Adding Semantic Information to C++ Fact-bases. ICSM 2006: 448-457. pdf.

Daniel L. Moise, Kenny Wong, H. James Hoover, Daqing Hou: Reverse Engineering Scripting Language Extensions. ICPC 2006: 295-306. pdf.

Papers published before 2005 are not included.

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